Kiwi Audio Visual is featured this month in FINE Magazine’s November issues as being one of the premier AV companies in San Diego and in Southern California.


Home Sweet Home

San Diego companies share the latest in home entertainment systems.



San Diego is a city of abundance. There is a material abundance, which manifests in an average household income that ranks fifth of all U.S. cities. There is a cultural abundance, with world famous zoos, aquatic parks and beaches dotting the landscape. There are an abundance of days where the weather never drops below 70 degrees. And there is an abundant supply of technicians willing and ready to install entertainment systems into your house for less than the industry standard.

Since choosing from the plethora of options can be daunting, we here at FINE Magazine have done our best to narrow down the selection process to a few of the very best in the area.

Kiwi Audio Visual

Kiwi Audio Visual ( is the crème de la crème. They have made their reputation on service, and it has brought them success. In the words of founder and CEO Brian Bass: “We look after our customers and systems at a level that others are unwilling to provide.”

Kiwi also places special emphasis on custom installations. “It all starts with our client,” Bass said. “Our sales and design specialists carefully document the client’s needs and desires.”


After the project is designed, the customer is able to communicate directly with the operations manager to provide a “seamlessly integrated” system, according to Bass.
Kiwi also prides itself on its sustainability practices. “We believe in saving costs,” Bass said, “both for our clients and for the environment.” Using remote monitoring systems that update, reset and perform service-related tasks straight from the office saves a great deal on fuel consumption and keeps customers’ electronic equipment from being damaged. And old electronics end up in recycling facilities all around the world.
Kiwi is also at the cutting edge of technological advancements in the field. “We find it exciting to work with computer-based home entertainments systems—everything from Apple TVs and iPads to Dell Zinos,” Bass explained. With its superlative customer service and vast expertise, Kiwi never garners a poor review or an unhappy customer.


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