High-quality speaker systems are about more than just the parts that go into them. A true custom solution for whole-home sound should be a top-of-the-line speaker designed with the end user in mind.

Triad has been making quality sound products for over 25 years and custom creates every speaker, amplifier, and subwoofer that leaves their Portland, Oregon factory. Over 95% of all Triad products are manufactured on North American soil.

Triad serves the premium sound industry by focusing on three key points:

1) Quality Construction

Instead of particle-board, the company uses high-grade MDF. Where wood screws might be used, Triad opts for brass fittings. Custom veneer and paint options are also available.

2) High-Fidelity Sound

Triad speakers aren’t intended to sound like “Triad speakers,” but to accurately represent and amplify the true nature of the sound being produced. Each Triad speaker, regardless of size or design, is intended to provide a near-perfect sound experience.

3) New Product Development

Triad is not satisfied with producing only for today – the company is on the cutting edge of sound technology as well. Their newest lines of DSP Subwoofers, PlateAmps and RackAmps offer between a full 300 and 1000 watts of power in the space of only a single rack, all for the same price as their previous generation of subwoofers.

Without compromise, Triad has advanced in the field of premium audio, as is evident in their construction, sound, and product development.