Important FACTS you need to know why Kiwi Audio Visual uses Triad Speakers:

*Triad is a unique speaker manufacturer that offers far more custom solutions than any other speaker company. There are so many offerings Triad has that we thought we would list them here, in a short summation. Some of the qualities unique to us are in our products, but many more are in services, such as built-to-order, free matching custom paint finishes, 5-day build time (in America) for most products, and one-off pure custom products when one of our stock speakers won’t fill the bill.

*Handcrafted in America 

Most Triad speakers are built-to-order in Portland, Oregon, and they ship to your Triad dealer within 5 work days. You get the freshest, most current model, built especially for you; not something that’s been sitting in a warehouse for two years. How many speakers are still “Made in the U.S.A.?” 

*Custom finishes 
Most Triad speakers are available in custom paint. Send your authorized Triad dealer a paint number or sample, and we’ll nail it. Our veneer finishes are the best in the business, but if you want us to match your wood to a cabinet, floor, etc., we do that, too.

*High-end Custom speakers 
Triad has the most complete line of premium custom speakers in the world. You can have the sound quality of the best freestanding speakers without the visual clutter. Only Triad has so many solutions. 


Made in America

*High-end ceiling speakers 
Years ago, Triad developed the concept of angled-baffle, flush, enclosed, and fully-engineered ceiling speakers. These speakers unobtrusively aim the sound at the listener from the ceiling. Today Triad offers nine premium InCeiling models, not counting our surrounds and round speakers.

*Green image

 Triad is an environmentally-conscious manufacturer.  The work environment at Triad is surprisingly quiet and dust-free, with overkill ventilation systems. All of Triad finishes are water-based. It’s a challenge and more expensive, but there’s none of the reckless pollution you see from a typical overseas speaker manufacturer that is not concerned with the environment. 

*Many versions 
Triad makes many different versions of most of their speakers to accommodate different applications. For example, if there’s an InRoom Bronze LCR, Triad will also offer an InCeiling, OnWall, and InWall version, all with the same performance. No other speaker company like Triad can give a dealer so many  many choices that enable our client to seamlessly integrate good sound into your home.

Robust subwoofer line 
Triad has one of the most complete subwoofer lineups in the industry, with almost 20 models, up to the flagship 1,000-watt, 18″, 150 lb. Platinum DSP Sub. Within the line, there are two InCeiling subs, and four InWall subs. The OmniSub line redefines subwoofer value.

Quality invisible speakers 
Triad’s new invisible DesignerSeries speakers provide a solution for when you want sound, but speakers must not be seen, like in a formal dining room, bathroom or foyer. Mounted inwall and then covered with a thin layer of drywall mud and painted, they sound surprisingly good, and they are completely invisible. Perfect for surround channels, restaurants, galleries, or distributed audio or the discerning client that would like their technology to blend in with their home decor. 

True LCRs for serious home theater 
Triad LCRs and Monitors are designed for use with a subwoofer. This allows Kiwi Audio Visual to optimize the 80 Hz-and-up range, with more sensitivity and power handling. You’re going to use a sub, anyway, so why lower sensitivity 3 dB to get 40 Hz response? Most companies market bookshelf speakers for both full-range and LCR applications, and that’s a compromise. For home theater applications, you should use an LCR for best results.

Triad Speakers offer Pure custom products 
If your speaker needs go beyond our nearly 100 stock products, Kiwi Audio Visual can contact Triad’s custom department so they can modify any existing speaker design to fit a space or to designing a unique one-off speaker to fit the most specific of needs our clients. Pricing and lead times are reasonable. 

  *This source of information was provide by TRIAD.