Inside his renovated home, our eager homeowner searches for the lighting control panel he expected to find near the entry. Scanning the darkened foyer, he recalls the controls expert assuring him he would never return to an unlit home… So much for that. When he finds the panel (behind the door), he’s still lost as he scrolls through seemingly endless menu options before ultimately stumbling on the lighting controls. But the trouble doesn’t end there, as the labels are incomprehensible. So, he tries a switch called ‘front room’, and the outside lights come on. The switch labeled ‘stairs’ finally illuminates the entry.

Sadly, this scenario is all too common. Our hapless homeowner would have been better served with an electronics system consultant programming the lighting functions, making them easy to understand and control. From placement of control panels to simple construction of menus, a consultant partner can program a home automation system that makes managing your home easier and less expensive. A more intuitive approach leads to better and easier outcomes. Clearly, our homeowner in the above example didn’t seek that as an option.

A true electronic systems contractor consultant functions as a partner and recommends solutions that enable the project to remain under budget while still accomplishing all its goals. Armed with a thorough understanding of how you use your lighting, an electronic systems contractor can ensure that panels end up where they should and that labels and levels match the homeowner’s expectations and needs.

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