Today the architect began sketching for his latest design project, a residential property nearby. The project had all the earmarks of an ideal engagement: a large lot, clients with a vision, resources to support that vision, and a full slate of subcontractors to complete the work. What could possibly go wrong? As he contemplated the blank sheet in front of him, the architect ruefully recalled the answer to that question: presenting detailed project drawings to contractors who fail to read them correctly.

Perhaps other architects recognize the scenario. The design firm produces project drawings, meticulously detailed and revealing in elevation and plan view how each element of the home automation and audiovisual systems relate both to each other and back to power distribution. When the design team meets over the completed plans, the audiovisual contractors start asking tons of questions betraying the reality that they have no idea what the drawings mean. This begins a downward spiral for the project, as information in plain sight on paper must be conveyed verbally, wasting valuable time. Even worse, they might suggest the wrong size speaker boxes or perhaps misjudge the projector’s throw size, thus jeopardizing the client’s vision and wasting more time.

Shuddering, the architect shunned the memory of previous jobs and scanned the list of the subcontractors on his new project. Relieved he located the AV contractor and recognized the name of a reputable ESC (electronic systems contractor) he’d done business with before. He knew that the teams installing the home automation systems would arrive at the job site with their own meticulously detailed drawings. They would have already studied his drawings and culled from them exactly the information they need to complete their work. In short, they’ll contribute to the timely execution of the vision, while causing no pain at all.

Finding a high quality ESC to work with will enhance the value of your projects and minimize the pain associated with bringing them to completion on time and under budget. Visit us at to learn more.