Sure, you live and work there every day, but it’s not quite the same when it’s not up on the big screen, jumping out, larger than life. For years, the future of the high-quality home electronics industry has focused on a 3D home experience that can rival those in theaters, and thanks to Runco and their line of 3Dimension projectors, that future is arriving.

Ask anyone what’s great about 3D and they’ll likely speak about realism and immersion. Ask what’s not so hot and they’ll mention headaches from LED glasses or the fact that the 3D images seem to stutter as they move. When it comes to 3D, options in the home haven’t delivered.

This is partially due to the way current 3D technology works. Typical projectors display an image and rely almost entirely on what are known as “active” glasses to do the work of making the image 3D. These glasses require a power source, and must be in range of the projector’s transmitter to sync the frame rate of the video to the glasses. Other objects in the room, low batteries or another television can cause stuttering problems, and many users experience eye strain or headache.

Runco, a leader in projection technology, went back to the drawing board and created the 3Dimension Series. The 3Dimesnion systems use what is known as Constant Stereoscopic Video (CSV), a proprietary architecture that is based on actual eye depth perception and visualization in the real world. This allows for a streaming, seamless image that is delivered to a pair of passive glasses – allowing the projector to do most of the work.

The Runco line of 3D projectors, including the D-73d 3D Projector, also feature the largest color palette available, one that exceeds the standards of the Digital Cinema Initiative, and the Personal Color Equalizer, that allows users to precisely calibrate their color options. With awards from CEDIA, CE PRO and TechHome to name a few, the Runco 3Dimesnion line is the first to bring streaming, seamless 3D home.