What is wireless audio?

3 Rocking Benefits of Wireless Audio

Wireless speakers are more myth than reality. There are battery-operated speakers that work for a short periods, but generally speaking, speakers still have wires, namely, the power cord. In the surround sound world when you hear the term ‘wireless-rears’, there is a power pack that is plugged in, and speaker wire connects from that pack to the speakers themselves. Less wires, yes. Truly wireless, no.
Today, when referring to wireless audio, most are referring to the ability to wirelessly deliver a song or music source from say, you’re iPhone, to the speaker. Known as ‘streaming music’, this technology is a game changer and is now being done through numerous ‘wireless’ formats such as; Wi-Fi, mesh-networks, Bluetooth, as well as others. These new technologies are here to stay and have improved dramatically over the last few years.
If you have been waiting to purchase a wireless audio system until the kinks were worked out – now is the moment to embrace it.

Enjoy your tunes while poolside!
You can finally play your favorite music where you never thought possible.
Ever dream of coming home after a long day and playing your favorite tunes in the kitchen while you prepared dinner? Or maybe you want to rock out while you work on the yard. Before, these things may not have been possible due to long wire runs, the age of the house, or just the logistics. Today, in mere moments, a wireless speaker can be installed in these locations (remember you still need power!). Pop a powered speaker (with wireless audio abilities) in your kitchen and after syncing it to your phone you’ll have music streaming through it in no time.
You can now afford music throughout your house.
Multi-room audio has notoriously always been sold as four or six room systems minimally. These systems require added planning while a house is being constructed, and are a large upfront investment. Today’s wireless audio systems, from companies like Sonos, allow you to combine speakers wired back to a central location (as in-ceiling or in-wall speakers) with additional stand alone wireless powered speakers to create an entire home audio system.
The best part is, not only can these systems that are located in different parts of your house play separate things, they can also ‘talk’ and play the same thing everywhere without audio delays. Think holiday party with music filling the home beautifully. If you’re wondering how to control these systems, it is via an app off your smartphone or tablet.
You’ll be able to the play more stations then you ever thought possible
So if you’re craving an affordable audio system that will allow you to install a speaker anywhere and play more music than you ever thought possible, check out the new wireless audio systems of today. Visit your local AV expert to find out the best way to fit these systems into your home and your lifestyle.

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